It had to happen! Every luxury brand in the world is for sale at Tocumen Airport and the giant malls of Panama City. Mc Donald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken are almost everywhere. Juan Valdez was knocking at the door with his coffee shops while Colombian companies continue to gobble up Chiriqui coffee farms. But now the biggest elephant storms in … no, not Amazon, since it’s already a growing part of expat life in Panama, nor Walmart [since retail is pretty much controlled and regulated by a few powerful families], but … drum roll [of which there are many across Panama right now in preparation for November the month of national holidays when almost nobody works and nothing gets done] …

Starbucks is invading Panama!

STARBUCKS opened the first of five planned locations in Panama on Thursday, July 6. The others are scheduled to open in the next eight months. A total of 20 stores are on the cards to be operating in the next five years.

The first location is in the Street Mall shopping center on the corner of Via Israel and Via Brazil, near MultiPlaza. It will be open from 7 a.m. to midnight. Over the next two weeks the company will begin hiring personnel for its second store, set to open in October

Company officials are hoping to open another four stores in a span of eight months.
David Batres, managing director of Starbucks for Central America, said that the Panamanian stores will feature local coffee from Volcán, Chiriquí.
Each store will have 20 employees.

Panama is the 15th market in Latin America that the chain has entered. [NEWSROOM PANAMA]

But the best cup of coffee in Panama is still consumed on my front porch watching the sun rise, sipping my own, home-grown deliciously plum, dark cherry, chocolate Arabica coffee with a hint of citrus, freshly pressed with a nice crema … ah!

One thought on “PANAMA INVADED!!

  1. I wish David would get invaded by Popeye’s Fried Chicken!!! There are at LEAST three of them that I know in P.C., and I always try and get some when I’m there. LOVE THAT CHICKEN FROM POPEYE’S!

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