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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeven years ago my first contract with Princess was on the former ROYAL PRINCESS, the small “R-class” ship since shoved down the line and now scheduled to sail for Carnival’s new fathom Cruises, Carnival’s do-gooder, give-back-to-society shot at making a positive impact rather than the sometimes negative impact cruising makes on a society. [It’s actually a fantastic idea! Check it out! Trips to the Dominican Republic and … ta dah! … Cuba!]

Arriving at Boca da ValeriaAnyway my first trip working for Princess was from Europe to Manaus, Brazil, and then spending several months doing the run from Ft Lauderdale up the Amazon to Manaus. On the Amazon we would stop at a little, and I do mean little, village beside the river called Boca da Valeria, nicknamed by the crew Boca da Malaria. It was a tiny, tiny village, and in my humble opinion not one where the visit of the cruise ships had a positive impact. Try as I might I couldn’t get guests, or crew, to stop giving out candy to the kids in order I suspect to feel like the great, white whatevers. The village was lucky to see a visiting dentist once a year! And not just the kids: everyone in this poor village was hustling for money. Little kids dressed up in feathers begging for dollars and kids with evBrazil 303ery kind of animal on a string posing for dollars. In an effort to protect the rain forest Brazil outlawed exporting ANY kind of wood product, so although local artisans had beautiful wood carvings they weren’t allowed back on the ship.

In all this there was a kid … well he was just a kid then … who was selling his paintings. They were primitive, but some of them I thought showed real promOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAise.  His name Freyzer Andrade.

We visited Boca da Valeria and Parintins for several months, every ten days, and I always chatted with Freyzer who knew enough English to talk about his hopes and dreams of going to art school.  Thanks to Facebook, I’ve been able to keep in touch with Freyzer through the years and watch him grow as a man, tour guide, eventually working on Holland America traveling the world and hanging out in all the great museums and galleries, and 17311_679293285548631_3629848944139645144_nmost of all I’ve watched him become this incredibly gifted artist.  He has had shows in various cities around the world, and actually been accepted to various art schools and to work in connection with museums in Florida … with only one problem … the US won’t give him a visa.
Freyzer recently posted this on Facebook …

Tentei marcar os pontos no mapa com as minhas andanças por aí.. o sonho de um garoto se tornou realidade.Atualmente sou um artista profissional autodidata e domino as técnicas com tinta a óleo, acrílico e aquarela. Atraves da arte ja estive em diferentes partes do mundo mostrando as belezas da Amazônia a bordo de navios cruzeiros ms Maasdam e ms Prinsendam da companhia Holland America Line entre outros.
A arte é minha vida e vou fazer isso até o dia que eu parar de respirar. Enquanto isso não acontece, continuarei me movimentando pra onde a arte quiser me levar.

Minha religião é a arte . . . . Obrigado DEUS por me permitir ser um artista.

Freyzer's Travels
Freyzer’s Travels

And for those of us who don’t read Portuguese, the automated translation …

I tried to mark the points on the map with my wanderings around.. The dream of a boy has become a reality. Currently I am a professional artist auto-Didact
and conquer the techniques with ink the oil, acrylic and aquarel. Through the art I was already in different parts of the world showing the beauties of the Amazon on board ships cruise liners ms maasdam and ms prinsendam of the company Holland America line among others.

Art is my life and I will do this until the day I stop breathing. While this is not me, I will continue moving to where the art wants to take me.

My religion is the art. ………… . Thank you God for allowing me to be an artist.

So what’s the fuss? See for yourself …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re a high-powered attorney who knows your way around the visa process, front and back doors, an Ambassador or someone with US pull, an art lover, or a collector who wants an early Freyzer … let me know and I will put you in touch with The Artist.

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3 thoughts on “The Artist Freyzer

  1. Richard we cruised the Amazon 2 yrs ago on Regent. We also stopped in Boca de Valerio. Our friends and us took school supplies. The children were obnoxious and grabbed your hand, wanted money. There were little girls 8-10 yrs old dressed up in feather outfits with heavy make up, posed suggestively on a rock. One of our friends was from Recife, married to an officer, and spoke Portuguese. There were teenagers behind us, debating whether they should knock us over and steal the bags and purses. I was going to pass the pencils etc. to different children, but they were so aggressive, we took our bags to the little school and gave them to the teacher! When we left there was trash EVERYWHERE. Obviously a lot of people had saved their mints and chocolates and passed them out. We were not the only ones who wrote to the cruise line to delete this stop. We are not doing them any favors by giving away money etc. the children felt very entitled. Anyway, I know what you mean on that “port”. By that time your friend was probably already gone, because we would have enjoyed his art. It also explains the HAL hat, uniform and name tag one man was wearing at the dock

  2. Unfortunately, there are many gifted artist through out the world that never get recognized. I have owned a fine crafts gallery in San Diego and managed a couple of art galleries elsewhere in California. Would love to get in contact with this artist and possibly buy a piece or two.

  3. BTW – your comments remind me of crossing the bridge from the Naval Base in Subic Bay, Philippines into the town. There were always lots of small children that would crowd around you as you crossed the bridge. If you had a watch or ring on, they would strip them off you wrist or finger. They also would dive into the filthy river, full of sewage, for coins they asked you to toss in.

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