“What do you get when you have 500 lawyers in a room?”

018There’s a stupid pirate joke I use on the ship when giving my “Beyond Johnny Depp: The History of Piracy” lecture: what do you have when you have 500 pirates in a room? The answer: a lawyer’s convention. Actually I met a wonderful group of matrimonial lawyers when they held their Spring Continuing Education Seminar in Panama City. All the participants received a copy of my book PANAMA CANAL DAY: AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO CRUISING THE PANAMA 012CANAL in advance, so that by the time they got to Panama they were all keyed up to experience the Canal.

I was able to speak to the entire group about Panama, its history, and the Canal, and Luis Ferreria, one of the chief engineers of the Canal spoke about the Expansion Project. That evening we had a wonderful dinner at Miraflores Visitor Center watching ships sail through the locks, and the next day on two chartered ferry boats, I accompanied the entire group as we transited the Canal. It was a great experience for a really great group of folks from all over the US.


“On behalf of President, Jim McLaren, our CLE Committee and myself, I want to thank you for your participation in our Panama CLE. Your presentation and wealth of information and history of the Panama Canal was exceptional and enjoyed by all! It really added to our experience when going through the Canal. I also enjoyed spending time with you and your Wife. We must share a glass of wine once again!  With kindest regards, Mitchell K. Karpf, AAML CLE Chair”


SCAN JTM letter to Mr Detrich  thanking for excellent presentation in PanamaRLS (1)


Panama is a superb place to hold a convention, or any size, or even a Summit of The Americas with 35 heads of state including the President of the United States.

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