Obama Visits Panama Canal

What would a trip to Panama be without visiting the Panama Canal?

Obama paid a brief, very brief, visit to the Panama Canal this morning amidst very heavy security.  Only secret service boats were allowed in the Canal for the duration of the visit, and the motorcade to and from Miraflores Locks had to have stunned Panamanians and US expats alike.  With each successive administration the entourage has expanded.  The Canal photo op wasn’t exactly Teddy Roosevelt sitting on a steam shovel as it was when Roosevelt became the first US President in history to leave the country while in office, but the jacket off and over the shoulder gave a feeling of sincerity … or was it just the heat?

At any rate, do my eyes deceive me, or on the next REUTERS photo isn’t Obama on his cell phone?  Calling the kids: “Hey guys, guess where Dad is?” or, now that they’ve exchanged phone numbers arranging for a clandestine meeting with Raul Castro at one of Panama’s “gentlemen’s clubs..”  Oh, sorry, only the Secret Service are permitted at those clubs.  You gotta love Panama … and the USofA! Given the fact that there are TWO cell phones for every single person, regardless of age, in Panama, maybe Obama is just trying to fit in with the locals. [Please ignore the duplicate limos, mile-long motorcade, USA helicopters in the sky, or the US Navy aircraft carrier sitting off the coast of Panama].

2 thoughts on “Obama Visits Panama Canal

  1. The world’s commerce had to come to a halt so that the Narcissist – in – Chief could have a photo op.

    It’s embarrassing to some of us.

    There is not always a ship in the locks. Because of the distances that must be maintained between ships and safety concerns the locks themselves are empty of ships much of the time. There is a posted schedule of when ships will actually be in the locks which tourist operators use so that when they take tours there is actually a ship in the locks. No big deal to take Obama at a time when no ships are scheduled to be in the locks. Or, to schedule Zuckerberg’s visit when a ship would be in the locks.

    Maybe it’s not the person who is narcissistic but the nation, the office and its trappings.

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