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Ship Tragedy

From gCaptain, a daily feed of shipping and maritime news …

Some new video has surfaced online filmed from inside the COSTA CONCORDIA.

The video appears to be filmed by man sneaking onboard the vessel at night in Genoa, where the vessel is being demolished. The uploader, identified only as Adhoc, shares few details but tagged it with #Urbex, or “urban exploration”, an often illegal and dangerous activity where people enter places that are typically off limits and then document it with photos and video.

One thing we do know about the video is that the consortium in charge of the demolition project is not happy about it. In a statement posted to its website, the consortium said it is taking steps to find and prosecute whoever filmed it (their full statement can be found below).

The video is super creepy, but offers a new look at the wreckage from a viewpoint that not many people have seen. Check it out below:

When Hell Breaks Out

The cruise started out like every cruise … and this is an interesting, and sobering, documentary that includes guest video of the final cruise of the COSTA CONCORDIA and the final moments … long, but interesting …

Captain Coward

So, three years later, Captain Francesco Schettino, now nicknamed “Captain Coward”, has finally be tried and convicted … and he will now likely appeal dragging things out and in the meantime remaining a free man.

Lengthy trial or not, the three-judge panel needed only about five hours to decide the fate of Francesco Schettino. Their choices: Agree with prosecutors who cast the captain as an “idiot” who abandoned ship like a coward, or with defense lawyers who characterized him as a “scapegoat” who ended up in a lifeboat only because he lost his balance and fell into it.

The judges apparently sided with prosecutors, and sentenced Schettino to spend 16 years in prison and to pay court costs.

It could have been worse. The former captain faced a possible sentence of 26 years behind bars for convictions for causing a maritime disaster, abandoning ship and multiple counts of manslaughter. [CNN]

How Big?

One cannot help but wonder … how big is really safe? How can ships continue to get bigger and bigger and bigger. What happens when disasters don’t go “according to plan”? It’s all well and good to run drill after drill after drill, but in the moment of crisis when nothing is going according to expectations … then what? The newest mega cruise ships, Royal Caribbean’s OASIS-class ships, have 6,296 passenger berths and 2,394 crew. I have had deck officers, speaking totally off the record, question whether if one of these vessels ran into trouble in the Med, if in all of the European Union there was enough emergency and rescue response equipment and personnel to handle a disaster involving 8,690 souls.

Enter the Mafia

Just about the time you think it’s all over, comes this revelation [March 30, 2015]

The doomed Costa Concordia was carrying a huge shipment of Mafia-owned cocaine when it set off on its final voyage, investigators have said.

’Ndrangheta, the feared Calabrian crime syndicate, had its drugs hidden aboard the huge cruise ship that partially capsized in January 2012 with the loss of 32 lives, phone and tape recordings of gang members have revealed.

“The same ship that made us a laughing stock around the world, took the piss out of us, too,” ’Ndrangheta boss Michele Rossi is heard saying to an associate, Massimo Tiralongo, according to police officers investigating the organisation’s vast cocaine-trafficking operation.

In addition to vessels operated by Costa Cruises, ’Ndrangheta also placed its drugs on ships owned by MSC and Norwegian Cruise Lines, which travel between Europe, North America and the Caribbean, according to details of the criminal investigation revealed in La Repubblica.

No cocaine is reported to have actually been found on the ship following the sinking.

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