The Plaza in Boquete

The Plaza, the heart of Bajo Boquete, the “downtown” of Boquete, has never looked better or more inviting! It’s been a long process of renovation, but it is beautiful!

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The Plaza is directly in front of the community center home to the mayor’s office, the town offices, and our little post office. This building is actually the former railway station when a small, narrow gauge railway ran between Boquete and David. Unfortunately the railway was ripped up. What a fantastic tourist attraction it would be today!


The bandstand gets the most use by skate boarders. Central American streets are very uneven and not too conducive to skateboarding. No signs warning skate boarders that they will be shot on sight. No cops. Boquete is, as the locals note, very tranquil.


How many towns in the world have fountains that are two years old and still work?


Boquete is often referred to as the “valley of flowers” and the Plaza park now adequately reflects who we are.  We have a local chain saw artist who does amazing sculptures with old tree trunks.


Notice the unattended luggage.  No one is stealing it.  No national security red alert has been sounded.  There are no police, no bomb squad, no dogs, other than the few strays who work from scraps from the Central Park Cafe.  It is peaceful.  It is Boquete.  Beautiful and tranquil.

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