It worked in Dubai, why not here?

I’m not sure whether at this moment Dubai or Panama has the most construction cranes. I do know that a lot of Panamanians think it might be more appropriate to replace our national bird, the Harpy Eagle, with the Construction Crane.

Dubai has a great sail-shaped hotel … and so do we!

Dubai has a gaggle of skyscraper buildings with interesting architecture … and so do we.

In as much as size matters to some people, ours will never be as big as those in Dubai, but maybe size does count in other ways, where I’ll bet Panama has it all over Dubai.  [A friend told me today about a Panamanian friend who is so well endowed that he has five stars tattooed on his organ.  Think about that!]

I hope Panama never reaches the laziness quotient of Dubai where the natives just lend their names to businesses [required, as I understand it, by law in Dubai], and just spend their time collecting money, clubbing and traveling from one giant air-conditioned mall to another, while non-natives do all the work.  I think it’s an arrangement many Panamanians would find appealing, but it wouldn’t contribute much to the improvement of the work ethic of the country’s labor force.

Dubai decided to build islands offshore that would provide barren lots, but then almost everything is naturally barren in Dubai, for mega mansions.  Granted the falling world economy created some glitches in the plan, but at least one of the islands is a reality with monorail service, luxury hotels and resorts,   For a mere 5.1 million US$ you can a 7 bedroom, 8,452 sq ft mansion with a lake view on Jumeirah Islands.  So if this idea of artificial island development works in Dubai, why not Panama?

It just had to happen …

Boskalis Westminster has been awarded a €55 million (US$ 58 million) deal to construct an artificial residential island off the coast of Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama.

The project, which is owned by Compañía Insular Americana, follows an initial island scheme developed by the Dutch-based dredging and maritime infrastructure firm in 2013.

For its latest contract, the company will create a 9 ha area of land with 600,000 m3 of rock to form a perimeter. This will be filled with 1.3 million m3 of sand. A bridge will also be built connecting the two artificial islands.

Scheduled to begin in the second half of 2015, barges and tug boats will be used to transport the rock, with excavators used to install its perimeter. The island will be filled with sand supplied by a large trailing suction hopper dredger.

The scheme is due to be completed within two years. [INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION NEWS]

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