Congratulations Rebecca!

The other day the National Geographic announced their 2015 Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellows and my daughter, Rebecca, was one of the chosen. Every year, K-12 educators are encouraged to apply for this professional development opportunity that allows them to bring immersive geographic learning experiences back to their classrooms and communities. 3,000 teachers are allowed to apply before the cut off, and of those 35 are selected as Teacher Fellows. The 2015 Fellows will embark on Lindblad voyages aboard the National Geographic Explorer and the National Geographic Endeavour for a one-of-a-kind field experience. Rebecca will go to a three-day orientation and reception at the National Geographic headquarters in Washington, DC next month, and then join the National Geographic Lindblad Expedition to the Galapagos in October.

Rebecca Detrich is dedicated to connecting students to the natural world and promoting responsible actions to sustain it. She has taught in Yosemite, on Catalina Island, throughout the East Coast, and in Australia. As an undergraduate she studied elephants in Tanzania. Her graduate work focused on community-based conservation in Borneo and Namibia. She is currently the education director of a residential environmental program tucked within the redwoods of Sonoma County, California.

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