Climb Every Mountain

Casar Augusto Melendez, Panama’s first Professional Rock Climber, is a Boquetenian guy who seems happiest when hanging precariously on a rock wall.

Casar has turned his passion for climbing into what has become Boquete’s third tourist attraction/experience [Panama Rock Climbing], was “discovered” by the right people and now has sponsors who’ve taken him to climb all over the world, and recently received Panama’s National Athlete´s Recognition by by the Panamanian National Institute of Culture (INAC).

Casar has managed to parlay his incredible skills, good looks, hard body, computer skills and English skills into creating a profession, an image and growing business.  This is a great video which tells his incredible story …

Ten years ago, when we first came to Panama, we’d drive up to this area, nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of Boquete” and see these marvelous, volcanic rock formations sticking out through the foliage.  Now, when you take the same drive, the rock formation usually has climbers from Panama Rock Climbing.



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