Mea Culpa

I read something by a fellow blogger in which he attributed all of the world’s problems to religion and faith.  I guess to each his own.  However, in my life my faith and a Christian world and life view has made all the difference.  Once in a while I read a review of my ESCAPE book on Amazon where the writer says they wish I would be “less preachy.”  Well, I confess, I was a preacher.  I don’t try to cram my particular theological perspective down anybody’s throat, and I didn’t do that from the pulpit either, but it’s who I am, and this, after all, is a personal blog.  So once in a while …

I have two great loves, well, I guess,three, maybe four if you include Bob Marley and reggae, but I love classical music, traditional church music (the “good stuff”, Bach, Handel, the hymnology of the Wesley brothers, and especially black gospel.  I’m not a hand-raiser, not necessarily, but take a good gospel number, throw in that Wurlitzer wailing organ sound, and I’m hooked.

No one does it better than the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, and my favorite is when the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir recorded this in prison, maybe because one of my great friends is Brandon Hein who has been sitting in prison in California for 20 years for a crime he didn’t commit

So even if you don’t enjoy the faith, enjoy the music!

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