Haircut $3


I had posted about the cost of my haircut in Boquete – $3 – and asked folks to comment about what they paid for a haircut. Now putting aside all the comments about, “Richard, you don’t have much hair left to cut: I think you were overcharged!” and “Looks like it only cost $3” – putting all those observations aside, here are some real life comparisons:

“Good morning Richard. This is Ray in Kansas City. I got my haircut yesterday. Cost me $18. FYI, it’s 16 degrees here right now, and we’re supposed to get 6 inches of snow tonight. Just one more reason to head for Panama ! Tell Jackie I say ‘Hola’.”

“Price here at a regular barber shop or a regular beauty salon for men is $10.00 plus tip. Henry”

“$12 in Southaven, MS. Hope to see you on April tour. Read your book and still plan on coming. Larry”

For the past 35 years it has been free, my wife cuts mine. Loosing one’s hair early cuts down on the need for a full barber shop, though I miss the pampering Jerry”

[Your wife no longer pampers you?]

“I only pay for my hair cut when I make the 3 hour drive to the Salt Lake City area. I stop by the Air Force base there and I pay $7.95 plus tip. I have heard that haircuts in my area of Wyoming cost about $15. Between trips to SLC, my wife cuts my hair as she did for most of my Marine Corps career. She’s been cutting it for about 35 years, but she tells me she is tired of it now so I have to get it cut at the base when I’m in the area.
Planning on ordering your book from Amazon today and hope to be on the tour late this year or early next year. Bill Wagner”

“Hi Richard, loved your book, follow your blog, have my desktop in the office set to quick Boquete weather so I can at least dream of being there while perusing Casa Solutions listings and enjoying a cup of coffee from there as well! Having gone to the other “Tour Company’s” only U.S. conference, they have become very commercial but do offer a good perspective on general terms for seeking other options. Obviously you take the info considering the source. Having said that I found much to disagree with especially when they presented Mexico, having lived in Guadalajara while I was in medical school. Most expats who lived there did their own research and made informed choices largely by word of mouth. At the time I couldn’t understand why so many Americans relocated there, but after a short while who could argue living where your money bought more, excellent health care was available and it was always la primavera! I often wonder what my personal and professional life would have been had I stayed. While there I met and befriended some of the most caring and decent people God ever put on the planet! There was more community there in the truest sense than anything I have ever encountered in the States with the exception of post ‘Sandy’. I look forward to the relocation tour and meeting you one day. Haircuts in New Jersey, (not far from where you were ) are from $28.00 to $40.00 !! Heating oil is $4.29 a gallon, the temperature is 18, milk is almost $4.00 a gallon! Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to escape! Keep the blogs coming.  John Visci”

Well, there you have it!  Looks like $3 for a haircut, maybe without a lot of pampering, is a really good deal!    I appreciate all the nice comments folks make about this blog.  Thanks!  It takes a lot of work, getting up early in the morning to blog before the sun comes up, etc., so I’m glad you enjoy it.

And thanks for the comments about my book THE NEW ESCAPE TO PARADISE: OUR EXPERIENCE LIVING & RETIRING IN PANAMA.  If you like it, please, PLEASE take a moment to write a review on Amazon!  [You don’t have to have purchased the book on Amazon in order write a review.]

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