The Purpose of An Ad Is to Get People Talking

Ship Ads 005 Advertising for cruises has come along way since the industry began. And of course cruising has evolved to what it is today.  Once cruising was only for the well-heeled and today it is for everyone.  Cruising is one of the most affordable vacations on earth.  Princess Cruises is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year.   Today Princess is part of the Carnival Corporation family of cruise lines including, but not limited to, Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Cunard, Sitmar, and Seabourn.

Like cruising, advertising has also changed.  The purpose of advertising today is to get people talking … and Carnival Corporation’s new ad campaign which will debut tomorrow at Super Bowl was intended to do just that.  Three ads pushing the concept of cruising and not necessarily a particular brand, Ship Ads 011quietly … or not so quietly! … push Holland America [Discovery], Princess [Escape] and Carnival [Well, frankly, Sex!]

The ad that’s going to get people talking is the Carnival “Cruise Virgin” ad where almost every motion is loaded with sexual innuendo.

Sea or see for yourself … “Feelin’ Hot” used to be a kind of Carnival theme song … so I guess the ad works!   We’ve come a long way from Kathy Lee singing “If They Could See Me Now!”

Here are the other two ads … aimed at, I believe, a Holland America and Princess potential customer. “Message In A Bottle” and “Get Away.”



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