Panama Canal Expansion Update

I’m back from 2.5 months onboard doing the Panama Canal. Internet access onboard is notoriously slow and expensive … which is why you haven’t heard much from me for the past several months. But I’m back home in Boquete, Panama.

Here’s a great new update video from the Panama Canal on the new construction!

4 thoughts on “Panama Canal Expansion Update

  1. Good morning Richard. Bien venido salvo y sano a casa. We finally moved into our house in Santa Lucia. We love it here! Our 4 dogs enjoy it very much too. We have to get used to the crispy mornings and nights after living for almost 12 year in the Caribbean. As I speak fluent Spanish, we got things quite quickly sorted out. It helps a lot and saves precious time. What a coincidence moving from Saint Lucia to Santa Lucia.

  2. It’s nice to have you back. Missed your blogs. It was like not having my usual coffee in the morning. Henry

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  3. Richard, great to have you back. Barbara and I both have missed your postings and look forward to updates on Panama and Boquete. We consider your book the bible for expats looking into Panama as a new home. Merl Will-Wallace

  4. Richard, have they established a new projected completion date?  Is there any info on completion day festivities and where might these activities be based?  I’m sure some people may want to come during that opening time.  This is a greate youtube video.  Thanks for sharing with us.

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