I Forgot About Fall

Pumpkin FarmYes, we have seasons in Panama, but the changes are subtle. We have deciduous trees, but the process of losing and regrowing leaves goes on year-round and is not determined by seasons. At the beginning of the dry season native flowering trees burst forth everywhere and there is nothing quite as spectacular! Brilliant yellows, whites, purples, it is just as spectacular as a tree in full autumn color in the Northern Hemisphere. But … there is something about the euphoric mix … and being in Washington now, it isn’t just the cannabis in the air! … of apples, pumpkins, leaves burning, a riot of colorful trees, apple cider and a trip with grand kids to the pumpkin farm.

Boys Perfect Pumpkin

078When I was growing up in the Northern New Jersey there were these big pumpkin farms with huge fall displays and I loved the annual trip to the pumpkin farm. Later, when I was living in the South Bronx, my folks lived upstate in a tiny town called Kinderhook, surrounded by apple farms. To drive up there, arrive when it was dark, and step out of the car and inhale the fresh, apple-scented air was a touch of heaven compared to the South Bronx.

And while I appreciate being able to get Washington apples at Price Smart in David, after the apples have sat around being gassed in warehouses and shipped to Panama, they don’t quite have the crisp, juicy flavor of a Washington apple picked right off the tree.

GourdsWhen I went from the South Bronx to candidate [a ministerial dog-and-pony-show interview for a church job] for my second church in Milwaukee, I went in October, at the height of fall color.  It was spectacular!  Only I failed to realize that after fall comes the long, miserable winter.  If it wasn’t for winter and the snow …

Washington, IMHO, can be very gray, dreary and drizzly … not really my cup of tea, but in the fall, on a sunny day with my family … spectacular!

Grandpa's happy family!
Grandpa’s happy family!

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