2 thoughts on “Truth, justice and the American way

  1. I like to think of capitalism as one big game of monopoly as designed by Parker Brothers. The game begins with everyone being equal and turns are orderly but as time and the game goes on some players or one player makes it big. They wind up with Park Avenue and manage to put houses and hotels on it and go past go many times collecting $200 each time. Other players are not so fortunate and tend to not get the choice properties and loose as they go on. The game can go on for several days. When its over someone has lots of money. With this game everyone has to return all their monopoly money, all the houses, hotels etc. to the box for a new game to be played at a later date. If they try to run of will all of “their” money the game cannot go on in the future for other players. The U.S. government wants everyone to be monopoly players in their game of life. Return all the big winnings for others to enjoy and make it possible for new games. If the winners run off with “their” money to Panama, or other off shore places we can’t keep the game of life going. Have you ever played monopoly?

  2. Delaware is SO last century! Anybody with $70 and internet access can form a corporation in the state of Florida via sunbiz.org.

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