As the world seemingly lurches towards one war or another …

There are days when Obama has got to feel a little like the Brazilian soccer team. Days when everyone seems to be piling on. Days when even his 41 million Facebook fans pale behind Justin Beiber’s 71 million fans. But, give the guy credit, he’s kept us out of a half dozen wars where we could have run in, willy nilly, disregarding history, spending trillions we’ll never have, costing thousands of lives on both sides, just so we could look tough, play the “most powerful” (if at times dumb) nation in the world and be able to glibly declare, “Mission Accomplished.” US Americans are tired of wars. We can’t afford another war even if Presidential cronies miss out on making billions. Yes, there is SO much wrong with the world, so many areas and places we could step in if we wanted to be the self-appointed world policeman.

But anyway, as the world seems intent on getting another battle going somewhere … I found this EXCELLENT Web site A Brief History of War and Peace in Quotations by Gregg Brazel. It is very well done and worth checking out.

What a cruel thing is war…
to fill our hearts with hatred
instead of love for our neighbors,
and to devastate the fair face
of this beautiful world.
—Robert E. Lee

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