6.8 Earthquake

We were all awakened this morning at 1:35 am with everything rattling and rolling as Panama was hit by a 6.8 earthquake centered about  81 miles off of David, but only about 6 miles deep near a point where three tectonic plates come together.  There is frequent shifting at this point and we get lots of tiny earthquakes, most of which nobody feels, but this one was big!  We lived through the Northridge Quake in 1971 which was 6.6 and 8 miles deep.  This is the worst earthquake I have experienced.

Unlike California quakes there was no “rolling” feeling, just very intense shaking which seemed to go on forever.  It was like a giant had grabbed the house on both sides and started shaking.  The only “damage” we can see, so far, is that a loose mirror fell, but did not break.  The chandeliers in the living room were still swinging 5 minutes after the quake finished.

We just sat up in bed and waited it out.  I’ve learned getting in the doorway is no longer the recommended method.  Our bed is solid mahogany from the Philippines, is extremely heavy, and the sides and top framework are heavy enough, so with only a drywall, zinc, and tile roof above, is probably one of the “safer” places to be.

There was no tsunami warning and so far I know of no damage.

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