Obamas Visit Goree

Goree b

Just off Dakar in Senegal is the tiny island of Goree which was one of many, albeit a pretty small, places from which slaves were exported from Africa. Taking the short ferry ride out to Goree is always a highlight of visiting Senegal and a kind of pilgrimage of sort that enables you to make your own “Never Again” commitment.

I believe that whenever  you treat another person, or group of persons, as less than equal, as inferior, as somehow sub-human to you, you step on a long slippery slope that leads eventually to places like Goree and Dachau.

I’m delighted when anyone, but particularly our first Black president, can make the same pilgrimage that so many of the guests on ships stopping at Senegal have been able to make.

It is a sobering moment to stand at what has been called “The Gate of No Return” and ponder the inhumanity that can sometimes be justified by politics, commerce, and even religion.  Although sobering and symbolic, in fact that gate was probably never used as an actual loading spot for slaves bound for the Americas.

Guests from ROYAL PRINCESS visiting Goree
Guests from ROYAL PRINCESS visiting Goree

One thought on “Obamas Visit Goree

  1. Aloha Mr. Richard Detrich: First I would like to say how much my husband and I both enjoyed reading your book Escape To Paradise: Living And Retiring In Panama. Secondly it was a delight to come into your web site today and see the pictures of President Obama and his wife in Africa and Goree and what it means. I look forward to reading more of your blog site as time permits with all the activity involved with our move to Panama (the Azuero Penninsula) Oct 30th of this year. I have a question I would like to write you as I value your opinion however I would no like to post it here. Can you write me at my e mail address or give me yours? Thank you very very much Antoinette and Randale Jackson The Big Island Hawai’i islandantoinette@yahoo.com

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