What do you do?

One of the questions folks always ask me when I am home in Panama is what I do on board ship?  I always laugh when they ask if I’m the Captain!  I wish!  But because I’m “mature” I guess that seems like a logical assumption.  When I tell them I lecture on board they always want to know what I talk about.

So . . . in case you’ve wondered . . . here are a few clips I posted on YouTube that will give you an idea.  These are ship recordings that we replayed on cabin TV for our guests during the sailing.  Sometimes the quality leaves something to be desired, but you can get the idea.

I can’t embed these . . . but if you click on the link it will take you to YouTube . . .

“Holy Cities” – This is the first 15 minutes of a lecture on the “Holy Land” for ports in Israel. The entire port lecture was 6o minutes. This was recorded on PACIFIC PRINCESS to be run continuously on cabin TV. Unfortunately due to limited equipment the slides are recorded by a camera filming the projection screen (sometimes moving with the ship!) and not pulling directly from the computer so the quality leaves much to be desired.

“Enchanting Egypt” – This is a 15 minute clip from the middle of a talk for Port Said and Cairo for a series of Egypt cruises on Princess calling in Egypt 8 months after the 2011 February Revolution. The interesting thing about the first part of this clip, is that once I started asking people to check out the prices and quality of cartouches onboard before going off on tour to Egypt, the number of cartouches being sold in the jewelry shop on board zoomed from 2 or 3 per cruise to as many as 27 per cruise.

“Let The Adventure Begin”  – This is a clip from a video designed to be shown to guests on ZUIDERDAM on embarkation day.  Part of my assignment as Travel Guide was to soft sell shore excursions.  This section deals with Panama and a little part of Costa Rica.

“More Than Johnny Depp: The History of Piracy” – This is a 15 minute clip from a 55 minute talk on the history of piracy, tracing it from it’s beginnings right up through the present day.


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