Falling Leaves in Brisighella

Seasons DO change in Panama, but around nine degrees off the Equator the change of season is far more subtle than it is further north in the Northern Hemisphere. I’m reminded of this fact as the sun is setting now in Europe around 4:30 PM and, for a now warm-blooded Panamanian, it is cold, cold, cold. Well, as one lady from Seattle reminded me, “Like Seattle.” But it feels cold for me and I’m not equipped with a cold weather wardrobe. The ship has only one . . . one! . . . crew sweater . . . size small. So I layer up with what I’ve got.

Of course we have deciduous trees in the rain forest, but since they don’t all drop their leaves at once, and there is so much decaying matter on the rain forest floor, that you hardly notice the change. So for me it is chillingly refreshing and novel to kick my way through leaves on the sidewalk like I did as a kid.

There is no question the change of seasons is beautiful, particularly in the Northern part of Italy in charming medieval cities like Brisighella and Faenza surrounded by vineyards.

Yesterday in Brisighella we got to try all of the local specialties, food, olive oil and wine, and even had the mayor of the city, a surprisingly young guy, come out to greet us and talk a little about the city.

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