If I were a rich man . . .

If I were a rich man and had zillions of dollars . . . and could afford anything . . . I’d probably have my own yacht and spend half of my time living in a beautiful house in a paradise with nice weather, flowers. not too hot and not too cold . . . what I refer to as the Bougainvillea standard (If Bougainvillea grows there it’s the right climate for me!) . . . peaceful, safe, without a lot of hassle and traffic.

The other six months of the year I would spend on my yacht cruising to some of the most spectacular places in the world.

Nice life . . . if you could afford it . . . if I were a rich man.

I’m not rich by any means, but I’ve stumbled into [or worked my ass off as the case may be] almost exactly that life.  Actually, even a better version of that life!

I not only live in Paradise but I get to blog about it and write books about it !  [ Escape To Paradise ]  And I get to cruise the world on luxury cruise ships, which is even better than having my own yacht!  If I had my own yacht I’d have to worry about maintenance, crew, personnel, immigration and customs paperwork, insurance, on and on and on and on.  This way, Mickey Arison [Chairman and CEO of Carnival Corp] and Alan Buckelew [President of Princess Cruises] worry about all that stuff and I just go on board, do my thing, enjoy and see the world . . . and get paid for it!

I’m grateful that it has worked out this way, unexpected though it is.  None of this would have happened . . . isn’t it interesting when you go back in your life and look at seemingly tiny, unimportant decisions, forks in the road, that have made all the difference?  None of this would have happened if in seminary I hadn’t taken a basement apartment in the home of a woman by the name of Marguerite Den Herder.  Every year Mrs. Den Herder did the world cruise on the old ROTTERDAM and she needed someone to look after her property while she was away.  Some Friday nights when she was home she would invite me up for delicious aged steaks and Cold Duck.  For a poor seminary student it was a fantastic treat.  She’d regale me with stories of life on the ROTTERDAM and when I graduated she encouraged me to apply to serve as a chaplain on Holland America.  That was . . . yikes!! . . . 43 years ago.

4 thoughts on “If I were a rich man . . .

  1. Yeah Dick
    You have come a long way from your old college and seminary days till now.Who would have thought way back then that you would have a plantation in Panama and a 3000 passenger yacht all at your disposal without filing chapter 13.Yes you have come a long
    way.Way to go and as long as you keep trucking no one will be able to catch up with ya and tell you otherwise.Would you take me along as your assistant? Uh dont answer that because my wife said she needed a break.
    Anyway keep on enjoying life.I enjoy reading your blog as Jay G also.Now that Jay is retired also we see each other now and than and tell stories about you.We should write a book about you.Who knows it might be a best seller.
    Just Me

  2. You do have a beautiful life, Richard! While many of us share the part of living in paradise here in Panama, the rest of us have to save our nickels to cruise. :o) Did Nikki tell you I introduced myself to her the other day? We had a nice talk, but I felt like I already knew her from your blogs.

  3. Bougainvillea is most beautiful and grows exceptionally well (and unattended) on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, and since we’re just dreaming, I don’t think “Bougainvillea” alone is going to cut it.

  4. Love your blog and find it inspiring. I too am at a fork these days–for next 8-10 days. I can decide to continue with my current relatively good paying and ‘secure’ State job here in South Carolina or take a pay-off and try to be on my own. I am an intermediate-level techy and in my 40s (though look in early 30s!), have no debt, no kids. I feel confident enough to get another job or at least consulting work. I would love to move to Central or South America. Problem is: Wife won’t move anywhere. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

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