Lombok, Indonesia


Originally PACIFIC PRINCESS was scheduled to visit Bali, Indonesia, but this was changed to the neighboring island of Lombok. Bali is predominantly Hindu and Lombok is predominantly Muslim. The day we were scheduled to visit Bali turned out to be an important Hindu celebration called “Day of Silence”, a day of meditation and reflection when nothing moves and the streets are deserted. It’s actually not a bad idea. You take a day to reflect on your relationships with god, your neighbors and your family. The day after the “Day of Silence” you visit with friends and neighbors and make apologies and reestablish relationships, then large paper mache images of evil gods are paraded through town and burned, thus removing all the disharmony that had been created and giving folks the opportunity to start anew.

 So, we went to Lombok. Fine by me; I’d been to Bali, but never to Lombok. Lombok doesn’t have all the ornate household temples and shrines in front of every house, as they do in mostly Hindu Bali. There are mosques everywhere of all sizes and shapes, presumably like churches, reflecting the affluence and generosity of the members.

There were rice fields everywhere and Lombok, marketed to tourists as an “unspoiled Baili”, was far more agricultural. The rice was being harvested and everywhere people were in the fields harvesting and threshing the rice by hand. Rice was spread out on blue tarps to dry in the sun, reminding me of the way we spread out our coffee on blue tarps to dry in Palmira.

It was market day, and an Asian market has to be experienced. Pictures don’t do it justice, but, just for you . . . and to stimulate your wanderlust and hopefully your desire to take a world cruise one day, here are some pictures of the market on Lombok.

One thought on “Lombok, Indonesia

  1. Your friends on Cruise Critic were wondering where you are at. So I took advantage of the fact that you are away and had a little fun at your expense:

    From http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1326274

    “Where is Richard?
    Richard is presently working a 6-month stint on the Pacific Princess World Cruise as a Gentlemen Dance Host.

    Okay I’m just kidding on the Dance Host part. He is actually working as a port lecturer. See the itinerary on his blog: Home For Half The Year

    Due to the limitations of shipboard Internet access, Richard is not on Cruise Critic, but he is updating his blog.

    I you want to communicate with Richards, leave a comment on his blog. You can also read about his World Cruise adventures. See https://richarddetrich.wordpress.com/

    By the way, if I were on a World Cruise, I certainly wouldn’t be spending any time converting a book to HTML/Kindle format. There is way too much to see and do to spend the time in front of a computer screen.”

    Of course, when I wrote that, I was picturing Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in “Out to Sea”.

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