“Well, shut the front door!”, More Tim Tams & Fremantle

Every Princess ship features something that used to be called the “Morning Show”, but is now the “Wake Show.”  “Morning Show” must be copyrighted somewhere, or someone in Santa Clarita just likes to wake things up with new names.  The Wake Show features the Cruise Director and sometimes with the Deputy Cruise Director, or the Assistant Cruise Directors, or the Junior Assistant Cruise Directors and is mostly a rehash of the day’s “Princess Patter” schedule of events which, knowing we can all read, ends up being a chatty Kathy show with lots of patter, occasional information and sometimes funny – kind of like a blog.  Our Cruise Director is a young guy from Canada named Brett Siborne who has a repertoire of folksy sayings such as, “Well, shut the front door!”  He claims to be from Canada, although I have yet to hear him say “eh”, so I suppose “Well, shut the front door!” is a common Canadian explanation, something like “hot damn!”

The Deputy Cruise Director, Frankie, has been the great proponent of Tim Tams and doing the “Tim Tam Slam” which I wrote about earlier.  Frankie’s ambition is to become co-host of the Regis Show, and actually he would be an excellent choice.

So these guys introduced me to Tim Tams and the “Tim Tam Slam” and I blogged that they were only available in Australia.  Since then Donna in New Zealand has written to tell me they are also available in New Zealand and Mercruiser writes that they are also available in Canada, to which I can only reply “Well, shut the front door!”  And the other day in Indonesia – guess what?  Tim Tams!  But would you believe, cheese Tim Tams covered in white chocolate?  I  know it sounds gross, but one of the dancers, who happens to be named Tim, thinks they are so great he ate the entire pack.  Interestingly, the cheesy ones aren’t available in Australia and the packaging clearly states, “Not for sale in Australia.”  Hmmm.  Wonder why.

Anyway . . . we stopped in Western Australia, where WA doesn’t mean Washington but Western Australia, in a little town called Bunbury.  We’re all still trying to figure out why.  Nice, little town . . . very underwhelming, with really nothing to see.

Then we moved on up to Fremantle, or “Freo” as the Aussies, who managed to shorten everything, like to call it.  Fremantle is the port city on the Swan River for Perth.  Perth which is really a neat town.  We got to see the black swans of Perth.  Apparently all of the black swans in the world trace their ancestry back to Perth.  I didn’t know that either.

Australia is half of the country of Australia and is mostly desert.  Western Australians are called “Sandgropers” after insect found on sand dunes around Perth.  We drove North of Perth on the Western Highway along a very nice beach area called Scarborough where I’d like to return.  We passed a beach known as Swanbourne where hidden behind the sand dunes is one of the world’s most famous nude beaches, home to the annual Nude Volleyball Olympics.  Unfortunately it is a dangerous place to swim, there are very venomous snakes in the sand dunes, and if that wasn’t enough, it is situated right in front of a military live firing range.  But if you can brave all that, surely you will be brave enough to take it all off.

I was fortunate to be able to go to Yanchep National Park where we had a fascinating demonstration about the Indigenous people and their lifestyles and abilities to acclimate and utilize a harsh environment.  There were koalas in the trees, black cockatiels and kangaroos and wallabies everywhere.

2 thoughts on ““Well, shut the front door!”, More Tim Tams & Fremantle

  1. Thanks for your Blog.
    We have followed your travels and comments since our Panama cruise a couple of years ago.
    In my experience as a Canadian from SW Ontario we have no Tim Tams ( not that we want them) and no expressions even equating to “Well shut the front door”.
    Both may be a western Canadian “thing” as they are more plugged in to the far east and Austrailia.
    Anyway please don’t shut your front door as we all enjoy all the comments escaping.

  2. I just completed a cruise with Brett and, as a Canadian, he is not one of us. I knows he lives in Canada when he’s not on a ship but, my antenna knows he is not a born and bred Canadian.

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