Doing the Tim Tam Slam!

Tim Tams are a special Australian treat, unfortunately not Trim Tams, these cookie confections are guaranteed to mess up your diet and destroy your best intentions. Basically they are two porous chocolate cookies with an chocolate, caramel, mint or other filling, then dipped in chocolate. They are reminiscent of a Kit Kat candy bar, but much bigger and much more flavorful. They are a confection made in New South Wales and as far as I know, not available elsewhere.

To do the Tim Tam Slam you take a Tim Tam in your hand and bite off a corner on each side of the cookie. Then you stick it in coffee and suck the coffee up through the center of the cookie, which melts the inside and . . . yum yum!

So all my healthy eating went out the window!

 We were lucky to overnight in Sydney. The first day I took the usual half day bus tour around the city, and then spent all afternoon walking all over Sydney. I’ve always felt the way to really see and feel a city is to walk. And so I walked, but, even with walking 3-4 miles a day on the ship, it’s not as easy to see a city on foot as it used to be when I was in my twenties bumming around Europe on a Eurail Pass and $5 a day. [Of course today $5 a day doesn’t even buy you a cup of coffee in Europe!]

 Speaking of what things cost. At Darling Harbor a single scoop of ice cream in a cone, and not Ben & Jerry’s or anything special, just ordinary old ice cream . . . . And with the Bush-Obama diarrhea-like policy of printing money to pay for wars and stimulate the economy thus devaluing the value of the US dollar, the Aussie dollar that used to be worth 88 cents is now on a par with the US dollar. So that ice cream was $4.95 US as well! No question about it, Sydney is beautiful, but expensive!

 I couldn’t resist this picture of bananas at $7.95 AU per kilogram, which is like $3.61 US a pound! And I thought of all those bananas hanging in our garage in Palmira, with me giving them to the dogs as treats and feeding them to the birds. Good bananas, not like the ones we have on the ship that were picked green, gassed, almost frozen, and now taste like Styrofoam.

So here are some pictures from our stay in Sydney.

Sydney’s Blue Mountains

Interior of the beautiful, old, and completely restored Queen Victoria Building in Sydney
But of course: the obligatory koala shot!

3 thoughts on “Doing the Tim Tam Slam!

  1. Tim Tam’s are awesome. They are available in Canada. My husband and I found them at our local grocery store in Calgary, AB. They were originally sold here as Arnott’s Originals, but are now sold under the Tim Tam name.

  2. Well…Tim Tams ARE available in New Zealand!!
    There are ‘budget’ equivalents, (but alas, the ‘original’ is by far the best!). Hope you didn’t get addicted, as I don’t know if these are available in US.
    RE: bananas. Australia does not permit bananas to be imported (to protect against disease), hence the high price. The supply of home-grown will surely be a worry since the recent flooding in Queensland which destroyed many farms.

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