Islands of Paradise: Tahiti & Moorea

Time flies when you are cruising around the world! It’s hard to believe the first segment (out of five) of the World Cruise is already over! I know I’ve fallen behind, and I promise to catch up. I had a fantastic time in New Zealand and am having a great time in Australia. But I can’t forget the Islands of Paradise, Tahiti and Moorea.

Tahiti is gorgeous if you get out of Papeete. Papeete is the busy capital of French Polynesia and is a traffic nightmare. Unfortunately Venus Point, where Captain James Cook landed to observe the transit of Venus has been left to deteriorate. The Gauguin Museum is another sorry and neglected tourist spot. It’s too bad that Tahiti makes all this money on tourism and can’t maintain and repair spots tourists like to visit.

I finally got a tour into the interior of Tahiti. Unfortunately it poured rain, so unfortunately we couldn’t make the entire trip into the center of the volcano caldera, but the rain did produce the incredible site of hundreds of waterfalls, large and small, plunging down the dramatic cliffs of the old volcano caldera.

The tour was supposed to cross this river, but there was no way our 4x4s could dare to cross this raging river. While all the rain created lots of waterfalls, it also created a torrent of water.

The next morning we sailed next door to Moorea, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Once again I managed to get a 4×4 interior tour and it was spectacular! Most of the guests on PACIFIC PRINCESS would have been willing to jump ship and stay in Moorea had it been possible!

Formal night, so I have to run and get in my tux. I hope the Internet gods are smiling favorably on the ship and that I manage to get this published. The Internet is never a sure thing and has been on and off all day. You can hear the guests moaning as it goes down and they lose everything they’ve done at something like $.75 a minute. Coffee and Internet are two areas that no cruise ship afloat, by any company that I know of, seems to be able to master.

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