FORTUNE PLUM Gets Its Plaque

“Asleep at the switch” . . .

One of the most momentous days of the Panama Canal’s history slipped by unnoticed.  On September 4th of this year the Chinese ship FORTUNE PLUM became the one millionth ship to pass through the Panama Canal!  You’d think someone would have noticed!  You would think there would have been press cameras, TV coverage, news releases, balloons, fireworks, free key chains for the crew members, champagne, the works!

But nobody noticed!

It was just another day . . . another transit.  And long after the FORTUNE PLUM had sailed away, somebody at the ACP woke up and said, “Oh, by the way, the millionth ship went through a few days ago.”

Better late than never . . .

Well fortunately the FORTUNE PLUM was back in the Canal October 14th, and the ACP had a plaque made up, and ceremoniously presented it to the Captain and took a picture of the ship in the locks, which will forever be credited as the picture of the “one millionth ship” even although it was taken a month later.

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