Let the celebrations begin!

November begins five months of celebrations in Panama!

November is a month of patriotic celebrations . . .

  • November 3 – Anniversary of the Separation from Colombia
  • November 4 – Flag Day
  • November 10 – Anniversary of the First Call for Independence
  • November 28 – Anniversary of the Separation from Spain

The “biggies” are November 3 and 28 which are celebrated by really long parades.  The parades feature pretty much the same stuff, over and over and over.  Every school has been rehearsing banging on drums and “marching”, more like walking in ragged lines, for months.  The traditional Panamanian and beautiful pollera dresses are brought out and paraded through town.  It is simple, involves everyone, and great fun!

December brings Mother’s Day on the first Sunday of December, a really big family holiday and celebration in Panama.  Then Christmas and New Years . . . but it’s not over yet!  January brings the International Coffee & Flower Fair a big event in Boquete.  Then it is the season of Carnival . . . more days of not showing up for work! . . . and finally Holy Week (with Good Friday an official public holiday) and Easter.

After Easter, it’s back to work!

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