Kusadasi: Walk Where John, Paul & Mary Walked


Kusadasi is primarily the stop for Ephesus, which is a “must see”. The ruins of ancient Ephesus are stunning, but since I’ve been there a number of times, I opted for a tour that visited the museum and then got out of town and into a more traditional village noted for wine making. Ephesus was a key seaport in ancient times and the home of the temple of Artemis. The museum is small, but it does have a great model that gives you an idea of what the temple was like, and the statue of the goddess Artemis with . . . take your pick, as experts are undecided: many breasts, many eggs, many testicles of bulls . . . all symbols of fertility. There are a few interesting pieces of poor Priapus . . . the ancient guy who took too much Viagra and had “an erection lasting for more than four hours” and failed to seek medical help.

Model of the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
Statue of fertility goddes, Artemis, from Temple at Ephesus
Poor Priapus – too much Viagra!
Priapus in the market: no way to hide the woody