Newport was mobbed with people. There was a time when the naval shipyards in Newport were closing that the future looked grim. Now Newport booms as a tourist destination and it is beautiful. Sailing in was spectacular, although I’d prepared a talk based on coming into port a different way, so most of it wasn’t useable. We have to anchor out in Newport and then tender into town. Because it was the height of the summer season and the harbor was jammed with yachts and moored boats the tenders had to go very slow and it took an unusually long time to get people ashore, and then to get them back on the ship. Thanks in part to the generosity of Doris Duke, whose family estate Rough Point is in Newport, many of the old mansions, including Rough Point, have been preserved and are open to the public. On a summer day as many as thirty mansions are open for tours.

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