Barcelona, More Than A Football Team


Not surprisingly Barcelona always rates as one of the most livable cities in the world, albeit expensive. With a population of 1.6 million, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. The metro area is 4.9 million. Barcelona is a “global city” because of its importance in finance, commerce, media, arts and international trade It is one of Europe’s principal Mediterranean ports and major economic center. Quite apart from that it is a really neat city. The Gothic Quarter has an old gothic cathedral, and La Rambla is one of the greatest streets in Europe on which to roam and people watch.

Escargot anyone?
These are the prized Spanish hams where the bigs are only fed acorns. The price on the tag is in EUROS and is the price per kilo.

Some folks on board DAWN PRINCESS have been making nice comments to me. The ones I really appreciate are those who drop a “You Made The Difference . . .” card off at the Purser’s Office. Cruise lines want to deliver what the guests want and the only way they know what you like is when you tell them.

“Richard . . . excellent presentations. Great assistance with our shore excursions.” Geoff & Claudette Crick

“Richard, the lecturer: excellent communication. Knowledgeable, entertaining, practical, honest and down-to-earth.” Ian & Gwenith Smith

“Richard is an extremely good presenter. Uses humour and keeps crowd interested. An asset to the cruise line.” D Walsh

Thanks guys!

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