Venice is the most magical city in the world. The city stretches over The city stretches across 118 small islands in the marshy Venetian Lagoon along the Adriatic. From the 9th to 12th Centuries Venice developed into a city state. Its strategic position at head of the Adriatic made Venetian naval and commercial power almost invulnerable and it became the flourishing center of the trade between Western Europe and the rest of the world. The old part of Venice is centered on three islands, the old city, and the nearby tourist islands of Murano (glass) and Burano (lace). Venice in July has hordes of tourists, but since we over nighted in Venice I was able to take the first boat shuttle into St. Mark’s Square and be the third person in the queue for the Doge’s Palace. Fall of 2011 PACIFIC will be dong a number of turn arounds in Venice, and I can’t get enough of the city. One of my jobs is to be on the bridge giving commentary on our way in. On the way out, sailing right past St. Mark’s Square, we play opera and music including, “Time To Say Goodbye”. It’s magical!

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