Athens & The Med

The challenge of cruising the Med is that you have so many exciting ports to choose from, so there are always lots of days in ports and very few sea days where you can recuperate. In the Med it is go-go-go. From Egypt to Gibraltar were about 17 days into which were crammed 12 port days including an overnight in Venice. And in most of these ports we were starting to sticker people for tours at 6:45AM! On sea days I always had lectures about the upcoming ports and desk hours with lines of people asking questions. My desk hours are kind of mind-boggling. Nikki says it will help keep me from Alzheimer’s since folks expect me to function like a computer, jumping from Paris, to Honolulu, to Rome, to New York, to Cannes . . . often people asking a question without a subject! “Madame, where in the world might you be talking about? Please, just give me a clue first.” And the dumbest questions, well, maybe not dumb if you’re 70 and have to pee all the time, but how the hell am I supposed to know how close rest rooms are to one another in Gibraltar. Actually Gibraltar is quite easy: pee your heart out, but some places . . . “My sister said we need to eat at this little cafe in Paris: do you know where it is?” The description: it had tables out front on the sidewalk and was somewhere near to the Eifel Tour. “Yes, Sir, I know just the place!”

One of the challenges of a world cruise is that you visit so many places, with so much history and cultures that are so different, that it starts to all blur together . . . even more so if you have two hours of non-stop questions bouncing all over the globe. By the time I get “home” to my little former-storeroom-turned-crew-cabin all I want is a glass of wine and to stare at my blank wall.


Still spectacular . . . and the cradle of Western civilization. It was easier climbing to the top of the Acropolis than I expected. And kudos to the blind fellow from the ship who climbed to the top with us: nothing stops this guy! The renovations on the Acropolis have moved since the last time I was there and it is a lot easier getting to the top than it was last time. And I love Greek food! Sailing out I was so busy sipping my Ouzo on the front deck of the ship that I completely forgot I was to be up on the bridge talking! Ooops and ompah!

Not to fear metro sexual men: pubic hair styling was the rage in ancient Greece as well when this early Korus was sculpted.
Very sexy and stylish wash basin in Park Hotel, Athens
Just about the time a guest shouted up from the deck below: “Richard, aren’t you supposed to be on the bridge?”

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