Two Sides of Malaysia

We were fortunate to make two port calls in Malaysia. The first was at Port Kelang or “Kelang” (sounds like “clang”), not a very romantic sounding place, I know, but it’s the port for Kuala Lumpur. The second port of call was the island of Langkawi, the northernmost point in Malaysia, right on the border with Thailand. Kuala Lumpur is in many ways the epitome of a world class city and Langkawi is in many ways the epitome of a Thai/Malaysian ocean resort.

Kuala Lumpur or “KL”

Kuala Lumpur, or KL, is exactly what you would expect . . . a huge Asian city of 1.6 million located in a metro area of 7.2 million. During the late 20th century Malaysia experienced an economic boom and underwent rapid development. As one of three countries that control the Strait of Malacca international trade plays a large role. KL is the economic and business center of the region and is rapidly becoming the global Islamic financial hub.

Petronas Towers are home to the Petronas oil group and provide offices for other petroleum-related companies. From their completion in 1988 until 2004, the 88-floor towers were the world’s tallest buildings.

The Skybridge providing a connection towers on the 41st & 42nd floor is actually not directly bolted to the structure, but slides in and out to prevent it from breaking during high winds.


Langkawi is located in an archipelago of 99 islands, plus 5 revealed only at low tide, and is classified as a UNESCO World Geopark. Only two of these ilsands are inhabited. Pulau Langkawi has a population of 45,000 and is a popular Malaysian resort island. “Anna and the King”, 1999 picture starring Jodie Foster, loosely based on the musical “The King and I” was filmed in Langkawi.

We had the opportunity to visit these islands, see flocks of sea eagles, crawl through a bat cave, and give a sting ray a stomach massage.

Stingray Spa: getting a belly massage
Langkawi Local


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