“I’d like to teach the world to . . .”

Q: What happens if you pack people with six different religions from 33 different countries into a tiny room on a small ship in the middle of the ocean?

A: A crew party!

So the crew of ROYAL PRINCESS got together to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. The most common question was, “Why?” Not, “Why have a party?” . . . But what’s this St Patrick’s Day all about and how did the tradition evolve into a big party celebration? If you are from Latvia, India or the Philippines or even Australia, the combination of green, sainthood, beer and maudlin songs might not necessarily make sense. But . . . what the heck, it was “A Swell Party”! [Inside joke: one of the production shows on Princess is called “A Swell Party”.]

By my bigger question is this: why can’t the whole world act like this? Why can’t we all get together, forget our differences, celebrate our common humanity, and make a great big party of it?

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