Crew Cruz

It’s mostly work for ROYAL PRINCESS crew, but in the words of the song from the show, sometimes we’ve “just gotta cut loose”.

And so you can see that it’s not all work and no play, sometimes the crew does it off by itself . . . Barbeque up on Deck 11 . . . guests don’t even know there is a Deck 11 . . . on a balmy night en route to Trinidad. Lots of food, loud music, free drinks, and most importantly fun folks from all over the world (Turkey, Latvia, Ukraine, South Africa, Poland, Argentina,  New Zealand, Australia, US, Philippines, India, Mexico, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Peru . . . and they’re just the folks I can think of right now) having a good time.

On Devil’s Island (actually it’s Ile Royal which is right beside Devil’s Island) with some of the folks with whom I regularly work: Ryan, the videographer; Domnick, our funny photographer who poses as an aging Papillion on Devil’s Island; Norma, purser from shore ex; Natalie, our lead female singer in the cast and Bruno who her BOB (“boyfriend on board) . . . Dom brings the ice, the booze and lemonade and acts as beach bar tender. The coconuts are freshly gathered from the beach.

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