St Barts: Money Money Money

Money! Money! Money! Today ROYAL PRINCESS is in St. Bart’s, playground of the rich and famous, winter home of the beautiful people . . . which, of course is why we are there! St Bart’s boasts more millionaires per square meter than anywhere else in the Caribbean. And it certainly seems that way!

We anchor out and tender guests ashore. Swells can be tricky so once in a while we can’t get in, so end up in nearby St. Maarten. But when we tender in the tenders have to wend their way through a parking lot of gigantic yachts. It makes you wonder how folks make all of this money. I mean, everyone can’t be in the drug business.

Chris Columbus on his second voyage to the New World in 1493 named the island after his brother Bartholomew. The French were the first to settle St. Barts in 1648. The island would bounce around between France, England and even Sweden.

Today the island is a collectivity of France and has about 25 small hotels and guest houses that start at $5,000 a week and go up to $25,000 a week, and even higher.  A beachfront room at the best hotel/spa right now in season runs $2,500 a night!  It reeks of wealth and privilege. There are 14 beaches, all of which are open to the public. Everything else is expensive. Haviana flip flops, $8-10 in Brazil, are 25 Euros in St Bart’s! Gustavia, the capital and where we anchor, is a cute little town filled with designer clothing and jewelry shops.

There is a nice little beach called “Shell Beach” right in town. And particularly at this time of year, the local sport is celebrity watching. In February “anybody who is anybody” shows up to see and be seen.

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