Peacock Bass Fishing on Gatun Lake

One of the tours we offer on the ZUIDERDAM is peacock bass fishing on Gatun Lake.  Peacock bass fishing is a big deal on Gatun Lake and each year there is a contest with the winning catch usually topping out over 30 pounds! The fish are originally from South America in the Amazon basin. Apparently a fish enthusiast living beside the lake during the Canal Zone days had a pond where he kept some peacock bass. During a heavy rain the pond flooded and the fish escaped into Gatun Lake where they have thrived and provide popular sport fishing.

One of the tough things about my job is that I have to try out all the tours, so yesterday I went out with Chris and Yolanda, shore excursion managers, and Bernice and Ali who are part of the shore ex team to try our luck fishing. [Ali is an “old hand” at cruise ships: her dad is the Captain of the CARNIVAL MIRACLE.]




Anyhow, as you can see some of us were better fisher people than others!

Actually everyone but Yolanda caught fish, and I was the one who managed to get my line tangled the most! A good time was had by all and our guests who take this tour usually catch fish. It is strictly catch and release.

2 thoughts on “Peacock Bass Fishing on Gatun Lake

  1. My husband is scheduled to go on the Gatun Lake fishing excursion through RC -we will be on the Jewel. I am assuming that most cruise lines use the same excursion venders and my hubby wants to know if there are bathroom facilities on the boat, is it a regular open fishing boat?

  2. I am wondering what has happened to the peacock bass fishing in the lake. I remember when you could fill your boat with good size fish in just a couple of hours of fishing. Now it seems that the fishing has slowed way down and the fish are much smaller. I have actually gone fishing and been skunked and that had never happened before. Has something happened to upset the fish population or did I just forget how to fish ?

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