4-wheel Adventure Aruba

One of the tours offered on ZUIDERDAM in Aruba is the 4-wheel Adventure Drive. It’s a blast! 3 or 4 people get into a nice Jeep Wrangler 4×4 and follow in a convoy out to the remote end of the island near the California Lighthouse – named after a ship, the California, that ran aground before the lighthouse was built. Drivers must be licensed and over 25.

I took off with 2 other folks from the shore excursion office in this pristine, brand new, never-before-driven Jeep Wrangler. Prestine. Still had that new car smell. First the Jeep handled great, over rocks, in mud, in sand – nice car.

Funny thing: everyone else came back with a Jeep that looked just like it left the showroom. Mine . . . well, it was funny to watch the guys waiting to clean the Jeeps for the next day. We were at the end of the line. You could see the look on their faces: yeah, that one we can get by without washing. That one, maybe a quick touch up. All nine Jeeps, still pretty pristine. Then I drove in – 1-2″ of mud all over! You should have seen the look on their faces!





Guess who had the dirty Jeep?


That’s OK: I told the tour operator, “This picture of the muddy Jeep will get your more business than anything else!”

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