Ostrich Farm in Curacao

Today we are in Curacao and I joined the shore excursion staff on a visit to the Ostrich Farm in Curacao.

Here’s a face only a mother could love!


Shore ex staff doing the “Ostrich” dance with an ostrich!


Me getting up close and personal with my new friend . . .


A real ostrich egg next to my cabin key card . . .


The egg and a 3 day old ostrich chick . . .


Fun tour! And, no, ostriches do not stick their heads in the sand. They stick their heads to the ground so they can listen for the vibrations of predators in the area . . . and from a distance, it may look like they have their heads in the ground. T

3 thoughts on “Ostrich Farm in Curacao

  1. Hello Richard.. I really enjoyed the x-mas cruise on the Zuideeeeeeerdam and your chats made the trip. Very interesting hearing from someone that has been there and done that. I have a favour to ask from you if possible… I met a man named Fernando in the Costa Rica market when you get off the ship.. He was a few rows back and just sells the wooden puzzle boxes specifically. I just tried to email him and got a mailer damon.. I really am interested exporting his product here in the US and kicking back some money to him etc.. He was so interested also.. Could you please email me and possibly I can get a correct email addy for him.

    Thanking you in advance and know you are having fun with the SOB on board… grin


  2. I am trying every BLOG of Richard’s with the hope that someone would be willing to share some of their Panama Cruise photos with my daughter and me. Our 500+ photos were lost, I think going through MIA airport security!!!

  3. Jeanne,
    Sorry to read you lost your pictures. I did the trip earlier, Dec. 9, 2008. I am not sure what you would like, and when you went. If you join http://www.cruisecritic.com, you can sign in on the thread of your sailing. Also, I have a link in my thread that will let you view the pictures from our trip, and, you should be able to download any of them. Hope this helps!

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