Night Blooming Cactus

One of the things that amazed me most when we first drove up to Palmira, where our farm and new house are located, was the rows of pipe cactus along the road.  Here were palm trees, pine trees, cactus, orange trees, and coffee all growing together!!  It’s just a small part of the amazing variety of plants and trees that flourish in the rich volcanic soil at our altitude and moderate temperature.

These beautiful cactus are blooming now at the end of the dry season and the blooms are spectacular – 7″ long and 5″ across.  They only bloom at night and by sunrise the flower is already drooping and dying.  My daughter, the naturalist, tells me that like most night blooming plants the flowers are white to attract bats and moths who pollinate.

I thought you would enjoy seeing some pictures of these cactus in our yard.