Mykonos, Greece –Richard’s Quick Guide

I am busy preparing for my contract on RUBY PRINCESS and thought you might appreciate the following information if, and when, you visit Mykonos.

Mykonos, Greece –Richard’s Quick Guide


  • Ship Tour – Cruise line does all the research and planning and you sit back and enjoy. The best way to see the most in a limited time and can be the most cost-effective. Ship does not leave until all ship tours are back.
  • You Do It All – “Independent.”- For people who like to do their own research & planning using travel guidebooks, Internet, etc. You do the work and you are independent. It is your responsibility to get back to the ship on time. [Independent group tours generally are best booked online in advance based on recommendations you trust.]


  • Richard’s Port Talks – Live and on cabin TV
  • Tourist Information Web site:
  • Cruise line-provided port map & guide delivered to your stateroom – depending on port of call may be more of a shopping information sheet on some cruise lines giving you step-by-step directions to “preferred” shops with which the cruise line has a marketing agreement.
  • There are many detained and interactive maps available online
  • 1 km = .6 mile


  • Greece is part of the Euro-zone and uses the Euro
  • Check online for current exchange rate. Obviously rates change daily. People who exchange money make their money by giving you a less favorable rate that the official rate, but of course you knew that.
  • Tipping: If “service included” locals leave coins up to nearest Euro, if not included 15% – Tour Guides: around $4-10 per person, depending on the length of tour, bus driver $1-4 per person, depending on length of tour. [Tour guides receive most of their income from tips and generally bus drivers and guides do not share tips.]
  • Shops frequently are closed between1pm & 3pm

Getting Around

  • Ship docks alongside at Tourlos – town is about 1.2 miles away, 20-30 minute walk
  • The Mykonos Port Authorities normally provide a shuttle service to town for a nominal fee.
  • Taxi vans at the port – about 12 Euros to town – agree on fare before getting into cab
  • Cab drivers do generally not speak English and by law are not allowed to guide
  • There is a public bus with irregular schedule to town for about 1.50 Euro.

Helpful Hints

  • During summer at the height of the season can become quite crowded.
  • Shops are generally open 9am-10pm. Some smaller shops close 2pm-5pm.
  • Should you find a genuine icon or antique know that by law these cannot be removed from Greece.
  • Men must not wear shorts and women must wear skirts and have their shoulders covered when entering churches and monasteries.
  • Mykonos celebrity “citizen” is Petros. The original pelican (Petros I) was rescued by seamen in the 1950s and given full reign of the waterfront. His grandson now rules, normally joined by several consorts (somewhat like European royalty) who live off the largess of island businesses and tourists.


  • Beaches: The best beaches are located on the Southern Coast of Mykonos. Platys Gialos is approx. 2 miles from the port and is a family beach with chairs, umbrellas and water-sports. There are local buses running to/from Chora. Taxi is about 12 Euro. You can take a water taxi to some of the other beaches from Platys Gialos. Paragka is a quiet clothing optional beach, Paradise is a clothing optional beach with water sports and Super Paradise is a gay clothing optional beach.
  • Delos – One of the most important religious centers in the ancient world, the birthplace of Apollo. In the ancient world it was the equivalent of St Thomas and St Martin wrapped up into one duty-free port with over 30,000 shops! 40 minutes by boat. About 12.50 Euro to get there and 5 Euro admission. Open 8am-3pm. You need a guide to appreciate.
  • Little Venice and the Venetian Windmills – 1.2 miles or 10 minutes by taxi from the pier. The iconic image of Mykonos. Taxi about 10 Euro. Next to the windmills is Paraportiani Church, the most photographed of the 400 churches on the island.
  • Mykonos Archeological Museum – 8am-3pm, closed Monday. 1 mile or 5 minutes by taxi from the pier. Taxi about 10 Euro. Admission 2 Euro.
  • Aegean Maritime Museum – 10am-1pm, 5pm-8pm, closed Monday. 1.5 miles or 15 minutes by taxi from pier. Taxi about 10 Euro. Admission 3 Euro.

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