1 BR For Rent In Boquete $525/mo

Rent to “test drive” living in Panama … or while you are constructing or remodeling.

12 minutes from “downtown” Boquete. Away from the noise of downtown traffic and tourists in the center of Baja Boquete (i.e. “town”), nestled amdist coffee and orange trees, surrounded by birds and bananas with glimpses of the Chiriqui Islands. This is the Panama you imagine . . . not a Southern California planned gated and guarded Gringo enclave.

View from the front porch where you can enjoy your morning coffee.

Boquete Casita for Rent cCovered porch, and flower-filled fenced in garden with space for small vegetable or herb garden. Birds and butterflies abound and help yourself to bananas, oranges and lemons. 12 minutes from downtown Boquete, 30 minutes from David. Nonsmoking inside. Perfect for single or couple not wanting to spend a fortune.

Fenced in yard: dog friendly.

Approximately 900 sq. ft.: 1 bedroom (queen bed), living room, dining room, kitchen, storage room, bathroom (does NOT have “suicide shower” but on demand hot water – town water plus back up well). This is the ideal home while you check out life in Boquete and look for permanent place to buy or rent.

6 month minimum.  $575 per month includes electric, water, trash, Claro TV, 1 Meg wireless Internet.  Full payment upfront $525 per month.  No smoking!


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5 thoughts on “1 BR For Rent In Boquete $525/mo

  1. Hi Richard… I’ve read your book, “Escape to Paradise,” and have referred back to it many times as we prepare for our visit to Panama over the Christmas break. Nicely done and very informative. I also enjoy your blog. My family and I live in the Denver area and will be in Boquette Dec 19-26. I would love to buy you a cup of coffee, at some point, if you are so inclined. I’m sure you receive a lot of mail and requests so I won’t take it personally if elect not to. Thank you for the terrific insights and Merry Christmas.

  2. Hi Richard,
    When reading your book I feel like your sitting across from me and we’re in conversation. I soo appreciate your no-nonsense approach, because I want to know the REAL DEAL, NOT THE TOURIST version. Afterall, my plan is to live there, so the reality part is what I want, and your book delivers just that.

    I’m coming in July (7-12) of this year (2013) and according to the tour folks (Melissa Lange) your fabulous property is a part of the tour. I can’t wait to meet you in person and hear what you have to say. I love, love, love your 1br property! Wish I could reserve it right now for my future retirement, hopefully it will still be available when that time comes. In which case I guess I should ask would you even consider a long-term lease?

    At any rate, your information is fabulous, well written, informative, no bull!

    Thanks again, looking forward to meeting you next month!

  3. 70% of Boquete’s population foreigners according to Ramón Caballero. http://www.prensa.com/impreso/economia/chiriqui-registra-alza-residencial/192563

    In his dreams!! Nobody knows for sure except everybody knows it is any where near 70% . . . guestimate maybe 7-10% and I suspect that is really stretching it. Every new business that opens, intending to cater to this vast gringo population, goes bust within a few months. We don’t even know how many people live in Panama, let along Chiriqui, let alone Boquete, let alone Gringos in Boquete. I think some folks are smoking funny cigarettes! Regards, Richard

  4. Hi Richard, I stumbled across your sight and was impressed. We will be coming back to Panama on Aug 29 and are looking for a rental property. Would like to get with you and see this property if available.

  5. Hi Richard,
    Can a foreigner title ROP beachfront in Panama? Has it gotten easier?


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