OK, I am retired . . . well, more or less . . .

But I’ve always loved cruising and working on ships is something I’ve always wanted to do and it turns out I enjoy it and folks like me doing it . . . so, what the heck! It beats being a greeter at Wal Mart!

So I spend part of my time lecturing on ships and traveling around the world, part in “Paradise” on our beautiful coffee farm outside of Boquete, Panama where I enjoy time with my wife, 3 dogs, gardening, reading, writing, walking and blogging.

Happily I’ve spent time working on Holland America as Travel Guide and Princess as Port Lecturer, and being a Guest Lecturer on Silversea, Crystal and Celebrity. My travels have taken me all over the world, including two world cruises with Princess.

What do I do when I’m on the ship?  Here are a couple of sample lecture clips that will give you an idea . . .

“Holy Cities” – This is the first 15 minutes of a lecture on the “Holy Land” for ports in Israel. The entire port lecture was 60 minutes. This was recorded on PACIFIC PRINCESS to be run continuously on cabin TV. Unfortunately due to limited equipment the slides are recorded by a camera filming the projection screen (sometimes moving with the ship!) and not pulling directly from the computer so the quality leaves much to be desired.

New Picture“Enchanting Egypt” – This is a 15-minute clip from the middle of a talk for Port Said and Cairo for a series of Egypt cruises on Princess calling in Egypt 8 months after the 2011 February Revolution. The interesting thing about the first part of this clip, is that once I started asking people to check out the prices and quality of cartouches onboard before going off on tour to Egypt, the number of cartouches being sold in the jewelry shop on board zoomed from 2 or 3 per cruise to as many as 27 per cruise.

“Let The Adventure Begin”  – This is a clip from a video designed to be shown to guests on ZUIDERDAM on embarkation day.  Part of my assignment as Travel Guide was to soft sell shore excursions.  This section deals with Panama and a little part of Costa Rica.

“More Than Johnny Depp: The History of Piracy” – This is a 15-minute clip from a 55 minute talk on the history of piracy, tracing it from it’s beginnings right up through the present day.

Since “retiring” I’ve written a number of books including THE NEW ESCAPE TO PARADISE: LIVING AND RETIRING IN PANAMA ans PANAMA CANAL DAY: AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO CRUISING THE PANAMA CANAL, and I’m finishing up two additional books, hopefully out 4th Quarter 2014, A GRINGO’S HISTORY OF PANAMA and PANAMA: A TO Z.

What do folks say about my onboard presentations?  Here are some of the nice comments folks have made: Richard Onboard Comments.   And if you happen to work for a cruise line or be looking for a destination/port lecturer, here’s booking Information, and here is a list of the ports about which I’ve lectured.

Where am I off to next?

SILVERSEA WHISPER – October/November 2014 – Two 11-day cruises including New York City, Bermuda, St Barts, Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, St Vincent & The Grenadines, Dominica, St Martin, Tortola, and Puerto Rico.

SILVERSEA SPIRIT – November/December 2014 – Two 11-day cruises including Key West, Puerto Rico, St Barts, Tortola, Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos, Cayman Islands, Jamaica,  and the Bahamas.


3 thoughts on “Richard

  1. Richard,
    I just came across and watched Reckless Indifference, I too am outraged. I am just wondering if there has been any further developments with the “defendants”, and if there is anything you think one can do to help?

    Thank you in advance!

  2. Hello,
    I am writing story about retiring in Panama and I need a few quotes from someone who did just that. I have already interviewed a couple who are planning to move next Fall. Would you be wiling to give me a quote or two?Thank you,
    Karen Farley

  3. So where is this Panama relocation tour? It seems abit whirl wind, 5 days but I’m interested. David.

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