Life On A Cruise Ship: The REAL Story

Hooked on cruising . . .

I went on my first cruise when I was in seminary and needed to find a way to get to Europe cheap, so I signed onto a Dutch Student Travel Bureau student ship from New York to Europe that just happened have been the Holland America ship MAASDAM [not the current one, since HAL reuses ship names over and over].

I was part of the cruise staff and here I am, all these years later, still working with the Entertainment Department!

Yes, you might say I’ve been hooked on cruising much of my life!

LectureWhile I was serving as a pastor in churches, I would take my vacation and go on cruises as a chaplain. Back in those days they had a priest, a rabbi and a minister on every cruise. Eventually we ended up with some of the first “cruise only” travel agencies, which we ran for 15 years becoming a top producer for Carnival, Princess/Sitmar and Holland America.

About five years ago I started lecturing on ships and now I work onboard as a Port Lecturer six to seven months a year, mostly with Princess.

So the other day I took you behind the scenes and told you about life on a cruise ship . . . now here’s the real behind the scenes look at life on a cruise ship.

This was filmed on the DAWN PRINCESS, a ship on which I worked the 107-day world cruise, by some crew members who just had too much time on their hands. But I love it because I think it really sums up what life is like for crew on a ship. I’m lucky because usually I’m on the “passenger list” meaning I don’t have to do drills or put up with the dreaded “IPM” [in port manning required for safety – means not everyone gets off the ship to enjoy some fantastic port like Moorea], and I get treated like an officer without putting up with the administrative crap and personnel issues that occupy officers with actual stripes on their shoulder boards. But this is really dedicated to all the other hard working crew members . . . Enjoy!

And in just three days we see . . . LAND!!

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